Review Policy

Genres Accepted:
Young Adult
Science Fiction
Contemporary Fiction

Genres NOT Accepted:
Non Fiction

How to request
-E-mail me at yarereviews(at)yahoo(dot)com.
- Use "Book Review Request" in the subject line
- State if you have an e-book copy or physical copy of your book to send.
- Let me know when the release date of the book is so I can schedule the book in.
- All requests accepted do not guarantee a review post
- Reviews will be posted both on Book Nook Girl and Goodreads
- I do accept requests from Independent Book Publishers and Self-Published Authors, so feel free to e-mail me if you think I may be interested and if you fall in most categories.
-I do not promise a positive review of your request. I am honest in my reviews, but that does not mean I am harsh either. I believe that even though I may not enjoy a book, other people might.
- I do not include spoilers in my reviews unless told before the review.
-I will accept physical ARCs, finished copies, and ebooks for Nook
- I accept both ePubs and PDFs.
-I reserve the right to decline a title if it does not interest me.

The reviews made here are my personal opinion. I’m not being paid to review any of these books.
Keep in mind that if you don't read this, I won't bother replying.

GIFs and pictures used on here are not mine, unless stated otherwise.