Saturday, June 30, 2012

Book Review: World Enough and Time by Emma C Williams

Title: World Enough and Time
Author: Emma C Williams
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Publication Date: July 1st 2012
Format: Paperback
Pages: 158
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Summary from Goodreads;
Anna Jones is an intelligent and spirited girl of 15, whose everyday experiences of growing up are overshadowed by a rare condition called Goldenhar syndrome. While Anna approaches her life with humour and determination, she is haunted by the inescapable fact that she looks a little different from other girls.
Despite the support of her friends and family, she remains convinced she will never be loved – especially not by the gorgeous and intelligent Michael.
Anna’s life is regularly interrupted by a variety of hospital visits, each one of which seems designed to make her feel even more different from the other girls. As she counts down the days until the major surgery that will change the course of her life forever, Anna becomes increasingly doubtful as to whether she will ever be truly normal.
4.5/5 : Really enjoyed it, would recommend to a lot of people.
First of all, the cover. It's so simple! I know it looks nice and simple on screen but once in your hands, the colors are so gorgeous and the detail is truly eye catching! 
Going into this book, I honestly didn't know what to expect besides what was on the synopsis. I was completely surprised by this novel and am truly glad I had the chance to read it. I got this book off my shelves and sat down in my living room, expecting to get through a part of it and then continue it later on but I found myself engulfed by the plot and writing that I finished it in one sitting. 
World Enough and Time is narrated in the voice of a teenager named Anna who has a condition called the Goldenhar syndrome which I didn't know a thing about until I started reading it. I really feel as though I learned a lot during this book. Anna is a very realistic character as are the others in the novel. She was a very complex character due to all that's been going on in her life since her birth yet you can understand her reasoning and logic. She was honest to herself and others most of the time yet she was really understanding of others and their actions. Ashley, Anna's best friend was a great character. Yes, Anna and her had some disagreements but those things were what made her such a realistic best friend. Nevertheless, she always had
Anna's back and was a true friend to her. The other characters had significantly good roles but I wish I'd seen more of Tim.
The romance was really realistic for once. I've come to realize once again just how predictable most, if not all, YA romances are at the moment but the romance in this novel was something much less predictable and more toward the realistic side. I was shocked at how events turned out in Anna's love life but really enjoyed the end results. The pacing of this book is consistent yet it's a quick read. The writing was simple and easy to understand. The novel is set in the UK which I really enjoyed because I love their slang and way of speaking. A couple of places in London were also mentioned which was really intriguing. 
Another interesting thing about this novel is that the main character, Anna has a blog which you can visit by clicking here. I thought I'd include that because you can connect to the story more.
First Sentence:
" "And bend to the right." "
"So, Anna. You know the drill. Are the headphones comfy?"
"What?!" I shouted, pointing to both of my ears simultaneously and tapping the side of my head. "I can't hear you! I've got headphones on!" 
"Very amusing, Anna." - Page 49


  1. Thanks so much for your lovely review, Yarethzia! I'm thrilled that you enjoyed it.

  2. This sounds so very good!
    Awesome review!

  3. Great review! I am really looking forward to reading this book.