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Ethos Blog Tour: Guest Post, Self vs Small Press by Desiree Finkbeiner

Self Publish vs Small Press, my 2 cents (Desiree Finkbeiner) 

It hard to choose for a lot of people, self publish or take a chance with a small press? I am a very independent woman and love to do things for myself. But for new authors I really do recommend starting with a small press. (if you can find one that is good to you). Not only will they have experience in an area that is new territory for you, but the friendships that you will form with other authors on the press, is priceless. Building your network is vital for book sales and if you rely on your own small network, you’re not going to sell many books.

There is also sort of a stigma to being ‘self published’. Some people might view your book as unworthy of their time since a publisher wouldn’t even touch it. But there are some very successful self-published authors out there. If you’re lucky enough to find a hard working small press, they are awesome! Let them plow the way for your writing career, but always keep in mind that no matter what press you’re with, you will have to do your part to market or sell your book.

I’ve seen a lot of authors blame the press for poor book sales. But the fact is, there is a market for virtually every book. If you’re not out there actively trying to locate your readers, it doesn’t matter how good your book is. No one will buy it if no one knows about it. Since most presses have small budgets, they can’t really afford high tech marketing campaigns, but the very least they can do for you is give your image a boost and get you in touch with a network of authors, that hopefully, will be like extended family… a place to go to for encouragement and advice.

Summary from Goodreads;
Title: Morning Star
Series: Ethos #1
Author:  Desiree Finkbeiner
It started with a mushroom, from another world... never before touched by a human hand, until Brianna... but life continued as normal... until a near fatal accident almost a decade later, reveals to Brianna... she's... different...
Unexplained lab results, unusually fast healing, and recent sightings of Jurassic sized dragonflies... What is happening to her?
When a peculiar man delivers her from a violent assault, she becomes enchanted by his heroism and inhuman abilities. Her rescuer, Kalen, is sworn to protect the powerful secret she has yet to realize, from an ancient foe with evil designs...
With the secret exposed, our world is no longer safe. Kalen takes Brianna to Ethos, his home, unprepared for what happens next... An ancient prophecy unfolds and they must make make a choice... Give into their forbidden love, or sacrifice their heart's desire for a chance to save their worlds.

About The Author:
I am a published author and licensed artist with my art appearing on products across the nation. My original works are collected world-wide.
Please check out my website and LIKE me on facebook to see more about my urban fantasy series ETHOS coming spring 2012.

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