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Book Review: Tiger's Quest by Colleen Houck ( Tiger's Curse #2 )

Title: Tiger's Quest
Author: Colleen Houck
Series: Tiger's Curse #2
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Publisher: Sterling Publishing
Publication Date: June 7th 2011
Format: Hardcover
Pages: 479
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Summary from Goodreads:
Back in Oregon, Kelsey tries to pick up the pieces of her life and push aside her feelings for Ren. But danger lurks around the corner, forcing her to return to India where she embarks on a second quest--this time with Ren's dark, bad-boy brother Kishan, who has also fallen prey to the Tiger's Curse. Fraught with danger, spellbinding dreams, and choices of the heart, TIGER'S QUEST brings the trio one step closer to breaking the spell that binds them.
4/5 stars
*Do not read if you have not read the first book in the series.

I absolutely adored Tiger's Curse, so as soon as I finished it, I sought out to buy this sequel. As much as I enjoyed this novel, I felt that it might have the slightest case of the second book curse. Slight case though. I still completely enjoyed it. There were just a few problems I had with it. The cover is, of course, completely gorgeous as was the first one.
Tiger's Quest picks up right where the one before it left off. Kelsey left India behind and headed back home. She tries to get over Ren by going out on a few dates and not thinking about him and eventually starts to, not get over him, but not think about him. That is, until a few events take place. Kelsey soon finds herself back in India, helping break the curse, but this time it's with Ren's brother, Kishan.
Kelsey is still a very intriguing character in this sequel but some moments that took place between her and the brothers sort of reminded me of how Elena and Bella couldn't choose between two males. However, Kelsey did do something about that, which I really admired about her character. Now, the brothers. How could someone possibly choose between this pair of brothers? Ren and Kishan both have similar personalities yet they really can't be any more different. Ren still manages to make me catch my breath at how completely and utterly romantic he is, but Kishan is.. oh gosh, how can I explain Kishan? Kishan is a poor tortured soul although at first he seems dark and brooding. He isn't just what meets the eye. He has this dark but understandable background and past that gets revealed to the reader as they read. As I was reading about these brothers, the Salvatore brothers from The Vampire Diaries was brought to my mind. (x
The romance was still one of the major things that caught my interest. Colleen managed to twist the romance into a love triangle, yes but she managed to do it in a interesting and riveting way that keeps you reading and doesn't disappoint, for the most part. Colleen does what I love about some authors; she captures everything a girl could possibly want in a romance/relationship and writes it all down.
The ending.. Gosh, the ending. The ending was something I loathed. I was completely left shocked and completely awed at how it turned out. After finishing this novel, I headed out to get myself a copy of the 3rd book, Tiger's Voyage, and I simply cannot wait to start it!
I recommend this series to anyone who's looking for a novel that's set in a foreign place ( if you live in a place other than India ) and that's rich in language and culture. Also, anyone looking for a novel with fantastic romance and swoon worthy characters. If you want a book, not just to read it but to feel as though you were in the setting alongside the characters, then these are the books for you.
First Sentence:
"I clung to my leather seat and felt my heart fall as the private plane rose into the sky, streaking away from India."
"..When I hear Ren bellow," you ate all my peanut..butter..cookies."

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    One thing that pissed me off about Kesley was she wanted the human begin Ren and once he finaly could turn into a damn tiger for 6 about hours she finally decides "Nope, I'm going to leave you behind." Like, seriously, WTF. Me and Kesley don't get along but so glad the plot thickens in Book 2!! So happy you loved it!! :) Haha, as if she could forget Ren ;D