Monday, September 24, 2012

New challenge, sort of.

Due to me being high school, I had this sudden idea/ challenge of some sort. In high school, you're forced to read tons of classic books, right? So, why not do it before they're assigned? ;D I will now be reading a classic book, a Spanish book, and a book that I have to read for this mini book club my friends and I have sort of going on. The thing is, I don't want these books to take up most of the now little time that I have for read and I really would rather read YA than classics. I'm not judging, this is sort of my preference at the moment but, hey maybe that'll change in the near future/ future. So, to read those AND have time to read others, I'll be trying to fit one of each at least, every month. Even though this month is nearly at its end, I went ahead and choose my first picks which were;
Classic pick: Which I've already already finished as of today ( 09/24/12 ) and I quite enjoyed it. It was an interesting read and it made me think a lot. >.<

My Spanish pick was Marcada which is Marked from the House of Night series. Yes, I've read it in English, but hey, I'm starting off easy in Spanish because I haven't read in it since years ago. :P

So, any good classics you enjoyed? Any recommendations in general? Spanish, English, doesn't matter. (x

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  1. Jane Austen, Margaret Mitchell, F. Scott Fitzgerald :D