Monday, March 12, 2012

Hello there! c:

Hey everyone; book reviewers "&" random people.

Thanks for stumbling onto this new blog.

Well first of all, the title of this blog was suggested by one of my friends by accident.. and a joke, but I rather liked it, somehow. I always carry my nook around and read when I get the chance, which is quite often considering my classes at the moment.
I am a person who likes to read every book I can get my hands on, no matter what other people think of it. I like having my own opinion of a book, which is always truthful but not mean. I do other things rather than just read like; sports, sports, academics, sports, volunteering, academics, and trying new things, but reading is my favorite. ^_^
I have made another blog before but it was deleted once my computer crashed & my life became as busy as a hive nest, not that I live in a bee hive, of course. ( ; I'm a very random person, but I can focus very quickly.
That's a lot of facts for now.
Basically, like my shorter version of my about me says, I made this blog to keep track of books and interact with people with the same interests as me.
I got carried away... sorry. (:
Haha, expect a lot of reviews.

- Book Nook Girl