Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Top Ten Tuesday 05/29

The folks at The Broke and The Bookish really like lists.. so this meme was born ^__^

May 29: Top Ten Books Written In The Past 10 Years That I Hope People Are Still Reading In 30 Years
This version of the list is mostly books I'd recommend to people.. not really in order..
 1. I want to share this book w/ anyone who hasn't read it because it's AMAZING! It's so darn adorable and cute and *sighs* it's in Paris! The city of love people! ^__^
 The writing and world structure was fantastic and .. it reminds me of harry potter because of the fractions..
 This series is probably going to be on a lot of lists. Care to guess?

The False Prince
This is one of the best books of the year so far for me so of course it's only logical that I would put it.

Great, great series. No other comment.

Ash, Puck, Meghan, why wouldn't I want people to read this?

If you haven't read this book.. well ... do it.. now...

This book makes you think and it's fresh! It's an intriguing read that I admit I wouldn't have read if my teacher hadn't assigned to us .. but that's not the point. Point is, it's a fantastic read.

The Hunger Games
I admit, the writing.. not a big fan of but the world building and idea, brilliant!

The Immortal Rules
 This is going to be a movie! *happy dance* Julie Kagawa is an amazing writer that makes you feel as if you're watching a movie as you read her books and watch the scenes unfold.

The Maze Runner

The world and idea is just extremely original and unique. \(.__.)/

Tiger's Curse
The characters were fantastic! I haven't even read the rest of the series but this is definitely a book I'd recommend.


  1. I'm sure that people will be reading Harry Potter and The Hunger Games, also I would love for people to be reading The Giver.

  2. I keep seeing Anna and the French Kiss on all sorts of lists. I really need to read that. I love your choices!

  3. I so need to read Anna and the French Kiss! I actually won The False Prince in a giveaway recently so I'm waiting for it, but am super excited about it!

  4. Looks like both of us have similar lists!

  5. lol I love your list! I so agree with the books.

  6. Loved The Hunger Games and Divergent, and a few others that you mentioned are books I'm planning on reading. Awesome list!

  7. Haha, you're Dumbledore - animation is hilarious :) Just made my day!